We look for the following teaching positions from time to time. Contact us for availability of the positions and details on remuneration with inquiry form or directly call us at 04-2994-1504.


1 Part-time EFL/ESL teachers job assigned by day or hours
Involved Duties Teaching both children in group and adults on one-on-one/two basis
Designing teaching plan and producing teaching materials
Places to work Shintokorozawa school and Iruma school
Qualified Candidates English speakers with college diploma with keen attitudetoward foreign language teaching
People-type persons who enjoy interaction with anybody*Sufficient training for EFL
will be provided ahead of employment.
2 日本人英検指導講師
(指導内容) 中級指導者 英検(5~2級程度まで)指導
申し込み資格 英検準1級またはTOEIC 800点以程度


勤務日 週1~2回
勤務地 新所沢校、または入間校
3 日本人非常勤上級資格講師
仕事内容 語学資格指導 (初級~上級)
申込資格 英検1級またはTOEIC 900点以上
勤務日 週1~2回
勤務地 新所沢校、または入間校